Consulting Services

Our consulting services empower you to move beyond the iteration of traditional senior and active adult products towards successful product innovation.  This includes the integration of technologies and partnerships that bring life enhancing programs and services directly to the places active older adults, their friends and family want to live.

Presentations & Workshops

Designed to provide actionable knowledge and strategic insight into today’s active older adult market. Presentations and workshops address market trends, customer profiles, product features and benefits. They highlight opportunities to harness and profit from the longevity forces changing housing and community markets today and can inspire product redesign or repositioning to meet growing demand.

Topics include:

Market Structure, Dynamics and Opportunities in the active older adult market

Finding and Achieving Product/Market Fit: Customer values, preferences, features, operation
  and revenue models.

Real Estate Technology and the opportunity to transform the aging in community experience

Designing Co-Living Communities with the active older adult in mind

Accelerating Sales or Leasing through creative community and customer engagement