Innovative Housing and Communities

With Active Older Adults in Mind

Bringing Housing & Community Together


We blend our expertise building communities with extensive knowledge, experience and insight into the housing and community lifestyle preferences of today’s active older adult market.

In the new longevity era we can spend thirty years, or more, in older adulthood.  No previous generation has experienced this longevity bonus.  Older adulthood is fueling today’s multi-billion longevity economy in which housing and technology will play a significant role.

Many housing and technology companies have yet to discover, and take advantage of, the opportunities available to expand existing housing and real estate products and services into the active older adult market.

We are here to help you find your way









Victoria Stone, MPH, Principal

I am passionate about helping my clients launch innovative housing and community products to satisfy unmet demand from active older adult customers age 50 to 80.

My business is really about helping investors, real estate developers and tech companies successfully expand their products and services into this large and growing market.

I started FuturePerfect Living as a way to help positive change happen. I get great satisfaction from sharing information and facilitating processes that help you discover how to successfully engage this market and its customers.

I enjoy finding creative solutions that bring value, growth and profitable new opportunities to my clients.